I work on various side projects that interest me.



Oh, Italian. My American tongue struggles with its vowel-filled words and subtle double constants; my aging brain with simple memory.


I’m older than I was – thankfully! – and maintaining an athletic, healthy lifestyle doesn’t “just happen” by itself anymore.

Data Analytics

A personal study on data engineering, data analytics, and data visualization.


I use Obsidian.md for my knowledge management system, and have built a light-weight CRM to help me grow and maintain my professional relationships and business opportunities.

Personal GIS

A migration of my extensive Google Maps favorite locations, saved lists, trip research, and more to my own open knowledge management system.



Paul Hudson’s excellent introduction to Swift and SwiftUI programming.

MarkDown for Music

I have started to noodle with the Ukelele, but struggle with note taking. All my other notes are in markdown; why shouldn’t my Ukelele notes, too? I’d love chord patterns and lyric-chord guides.

Recipe ideas for stale sourdough

I bake, rather a lot, of sourdough bread. I get all kinds of bits, ends, and parts of loaves no longer viable for sandwiches, but still a valuable ingredient for something else.


Hey Siri: Log my water

A voice-first Siri shortcut designed for Apple Watch, that logs water intake to the Health app: check it out

Weekend Trip Notes

A travel notes blog of things experienced, and things to experience next time.