I’m Nick. I’m a technology consultant and a writer.

I ran the user-centered web development firm Neoteric Design for 20+ years; I built digital products for my clients while fostering my team’s culture of quality, sustainability, and expertise. In 2022, I closed Neoteric to explore new opportunities.

This is my blog. On the technical side I write about product management, user experience, static sites and more.

On the personal side I write book reviews, maintain some language learning resources and write about personal knowledge management. I’m passionate about fitness, travel, and cooking.

Find me on Twitter @nickgracilla.

Indelible City

We have no choice but to reinvent ourselves.
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The Clean Coder

Martin’s book is both a code of conduct for professional developers and a history of computing technology.
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Write a great bug report

A great bug report can be as short as a tweet.
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Master Complicated Subjects With Spaced Repetition

Master concepts, vocabulary, syntax and more, easily, given time.
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Document Notion databases With ER models in Mermaid

Clarify complex Notion apps with diagrams featuring ‘just enough’ ER notation to get it done.
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