I’m Nick. I’m a technology consultant and a writer.

I ran the user-centered web development firm Neoteric Design for 20+ years; I built digital products for my clients while fostering my team’s culture of quality, sustainability, and expertise. In 2022, I closed Neoteric to explore new opportunities.

This is my blog. On the technical side I write about product management, user experience, static sites and more.

On the personal side I write book reviews, maintain some language learning resources and write about personal knowledge management. I’m passionate about fitness, travel, and cooking.

Find me on Twitter @nickgracilla.

Yoda vs Eisenhower: frameworks to set priority on your overloaded task list

Even Yoda had a to-do list.
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Notion: two ways to automatically add a date stamp to tasks marked as done

Using formulas and an override, you can easily record the date a task was completed.
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Guidelines for voice-first apps

Four ideas, learned through experience, on how to build better voice-first apps.
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4 ways modern sites and apps help businesses find product market fit

Modern websites help businesses and startups learn from the marketplace. They help companies make a sustained impact, through cycles of continuous innovation.
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Component-driven development is transforming the web

The web is migrating from page-based to component-based development. What are they?
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