Hello there.

I’m Nick. I’m a writer, a passionate baker and cook, fitness fan, and traveler. I work as a management and technology consultant. Learn more about me, or find me on Twitter @nickgracilla or Mastadon @nickgracilla.

Front Matter: a headless CMS for Hugo that runs in VS Code

The pending shutdown of Forestry.io had me looking for an alternative headless CMS. Front Matter runs locally, and was the perfect solution for my needs.
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Indelible City

We have no choice but to reinvent ourselves.
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The Clean Coder

Martin’s book is both a code of conduct for professional developers and a history of computing technology.
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Write a great bug report

A great bug report can be as short as a tweet.
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Master Complicated Subjects With Spaced Repetition

Master concepts, vocabulary, syntax and more, easily, given time.
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